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Week Fourteen: Day Ninety-Two



Okay, so yesterday was THE BEST DAY EVER!! It was so entertaining! Today wasn't nearly as cool but it was still pretty awesome :shhh: I saw someone with another girl, that someone who I thought was hitting on me (which I'm pretty sure he was, that was right before he got together with her) and I didn't feel sad! I was a LITTLE put off and kinda nauseous,... and weirded out because they were looking right at me for no reason I know of. Also my a good friend of mine has been dating this other good friend of mine for a while, and her parents JUST found out because they saw her and him kissing. I'm afraid for them, they're the most functional couple I've ever met in highschool, I think they'd even do well in marriage if her parents would lighten up and realize they can't control their daughter anymore. I mean really, she's almost a senior in highschool, give it a year and she'll be legally able to do whatever she wants. If anyone's in love at the school its them. For sure. I've heard it from both sides. I'm not religious to a full extent,..but boy am I going to pray for them.

Also my skin's doing AMAZING

I haven't used AHA in a while but its still doing wonders or the dark spots are really starting to clear up.

Also I haven't had much of an appetite lately,..though I think thats because I've had a HUGE breakfast for the past couple days :shhh:


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