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eighty-eight !!



Sorry guys, I've been pretty busy.

So the dermatologist tells me I have that "baby soft Accutane skin," and I've gotta agree. My skin is no longer oily and though my lips are dry, they've been getting better with the warmer weather. My skin's still peeling, though, and goes through spurts of being worse than others, but usually I just moisturize heavily and avoid washing it more than -- at most -- twice a day. My hair, as I've mentioned before, can go a week without being washed but I try to keep it to about three/four days.

However, along with this warm weather comes sitting out in the sun, and even from about an hour of sitting out on a pretty normal day (~75 degrees), I come back inside and my chest is pink from the sun. I need to start wearing sunscreen there, ugh.

Speaking of sunscreen ! I'm going to Jamaica at the end of May. My treatment ends the mid-June, so I'll still be on Accutane when I go. Which means I have to wear SPF 120481556, I understand. But I was planning on getting a bikini wax before I go, until I remembered the no-waxing/exfoliating rule. Opinions if I should go through with it ? My skin is delicate, I understand, but have only been really having issues on my face and arms. I shave my legs/bikini area, so how much different can that really be ? Maybe I'll exfoliate instead of shaving to see if I get any bad reactions.

It's still up for debate. We'll see.

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EEEEKKKK!!! Okay, so I know that the waxing is super tempting. I am a girl who used to wax frequently, but now I am on accutane and have not waxed since I started. Here's the deal: your skin is different on accutane, almost thinner... waxing is TOO much. You run the risk of literally lifting off the entire layer of skin in the area you are waxing. I am not kidding --> I work at a beauty school I have seen the after effects of this happening!! It is like what happens when the wax is too hot and burns the skin so it peels off with the hair. Not cute and no good for Jamaica. May I suggest you try a depilatory instead (nair or veet) while this may irritate you slightly, is kinda stinky, and takes a bit longer, you will still have an intact bikini area to bring with on the trip. It usually lasts as long as waxing and if you think it is irritating the area too badly you can get the crap off quick and salvage your skin!!! OH--> p.s. do not use the depilatories on your face!!good luck.

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