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Day 41 ...



Day 41

I did well and avoided alcohol this past weekend, yeah me! I ended up hiding in one of my other roommates rooms and doing homework, lame I know, but whatever. I don't really have anything new to report. Some good news: the pain in my left leg is gone--> awesome! Now I can kick the hell out of the ball at soccer and I don't limp away...

my skin: my chin is healing nicely. I have grown a nasty guy right by my left eye though, I think I may name him Pepe. I wouldn't call him a cyst cause it is right at the surface, but it hasn't come to a head yet --> it is pretty big though, the size of a pencil eraser at least. And he is in the weirdest spot just past my eyelid hopefully it doesn't stay long... it is pretty painful. Am I the only one who takes ibuprofen for face pain from acne??

side effects: dry lips, face, and hands. Peeling skin on my chin area.

weird stuff: My face being dry is the oddest sensation to me. I have never had dry skin. The only time I have experienced the tightness of being dry is when I have a sunburn (which is only on my nose and cheeks and is gone in one day-- I'm Italian and Puerto Rican). I have always used a moisturizer, cause I know that even oily skin needs a moisturizer or it just gets more oily, but I now put a heavy cream on my face at least 3 times a day. I may get tired of this feeling after a while, but for now I must say--> I don't mind it!!


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