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Finished Week 2



Two weeks down! Lots of changes this week. My lips are incredibly dry. I have to use Aquaphor multiple time per day, but it works really great - seriously. Chapstick just doesn't cut it. It's a weird kind of dry - my lips are dry from the inside but aren't really cracking or bleeding. I think that's because I'm being very careful about it.

My hair isn't as oily as it was, which is great. I am getting dandruff however, which has never really been a problem. I just bought some Neutrogena TGel, so I'm going to start using it tomorrow. I also am trying to blow dry my hair less - I used to do it everyday, but now I'm just going to do it if I am going out or have a performance or something. I've been reading a bit about Biotin, which supposedly helps hair growth. I may start that soon.

I definitely notice the stiffness. I just bought glucosamine chondroitin with hyaluronic acid (supposedly it rebuilds cartilage and lubricates joints). I started taking it because I don't want any permanent damage, since I play a musical instrument. The other day, I took a nap in a chair and woke up after about 45 minutes with a neck so stiff I could barely turn my head.

Speaking of naps... I have been EXHAUSTED this week. Yesterday, I could have gone to sleep at 1 p.m. and not woken up until the next morning. I don't know if this has to do with the drug, my schedule, or something else, but as soon as I get through this busy week, I'm going to make sleep a priority. Someone said that when on this medication, you should take care of yourself as if you have the flu, and I think that's great advice. It's really hard on your body!

My eyes are dry, so I bought artificial tears. DO NOT get Visine. The purpose of Visine is to get the red out, and in order to do that, it constricts your blood vessels. It treats the symptoms.

My skin has no real change in oil. I love the fact that I don't have to use (or am not allowed to use) topicals. Epiduo and benzoyl peroxide BURNED my skin. It was red and peeling all the time. I would go overboard and pile it on, which this site recommends, but personally, that does not work for me. Although it apparently works for some people. I have no new cysts, but lots of bumps around my chin and jawline. My hyperpigmentation and scarring is really bad. My skin was only really dry one day last week, but I moisturize religiously (morning and night) and it really helps.

One thing that is helping me is that I'm working out a lot. This enables me to see a physical change in something right away, and I FEEL better. I've been thinking: take care of yourself and love yourself. Your skin condition is not what defines you. There are so many things that are more important, like being a good person, spending time with family and friends, and working hard at something you care about. I know, though, that it's really hard to put it into perspective when you think that your life will not begin until you are acne-free. Don't wait for your acne to go away...live life to the fullest anyway becuase life is good regardless. :shhh:


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