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Day 6 of 25mg of spiro-Currently Month 3 of Ortho Cyclen



My story goes like this. I have never had a problem with Acne. Ever really. I broke out terribly when I was pregnant both times, but other than that..nothing. So, around Oct. 08' I started noticing some slight changes. I was on Alesse, had been for a few years, worked great for me. Started noticing my hair was falling out more, was sweating while just sitting in a room. Those were my first signs. Then, started to have under the skin 'flare ups"-1 or 2 here and there. They would never come to a head, they would just stay for a few weeks and then go away. I thought, "well, I must be getting used to this BC, I will just come off it! Big Mistake! By April 08, my skin got worse! Went to the derm inJune (Becuase they cant seem to work you in-in less than 2 months!) And he put me on Doxycyclen. It worked for a couple months. However, I gained alot of weight, made me sensitive to the sun, and was turning my skin yellow. Went back to see him, I asked if he thought that maybe it was hormones? He basically laughed at me and said no. By then, I just started a new BC called LeEstrin. Month later, I get diagnosed with PCOS. This is the reason for ALL of this. But I had to find out 6 months later!! Not hormones? I wish I could junk punch that Derm! Anyway, got off the Doxy stayed on the LoEstrin. Break outs got bad, once again. Went back to the Gyno, he then put me on Ortho Cyclen (not tri cyclen, like I wanted). He said this would take care of my Out of Nowhere Acne. I have been on it for 3 months now. If anything, it has gotten worse! mostly on my chin and around my mouth (the suckiest places!). Went back to the Dr. last week, he said to give the pill some more time and i asked about Spiro. I am currently on day 6 of 25mg. I also have a 6 week check up with my NEW Female Derm, because i have been washing with Benzoil and then using Aczone 2Xday. That has not been doing a thing! Maybe its the BC, but the Dapsone gel has not worked! We will see what she says tomorrow. I may even ask her to up my dose of Spiro.

Speaking of Spiro- Day 6

I have 4 zits that did come to a head (which i should be grateful they weren't cysts that sat and accumulated for weeks). I did pop them ( I know, bad!) But, I cant walk around with a huge white puss ball on my face. So, along with those 4, (which are taking a while to heal, its like more keeps oozing out of them) I have one coming on the right side of mu upper mouth, kinda under my nose, and one coming on my cheekbone? Like seriously, where did that one come from?

So, this is a very long story (about a year and a half) cut short. I thought that keeping a journal might help me get thru this.

I have also changed my diet! I have substituted enriched things for whole grain, cut out sugar, and switched to organics. And taking vitamins.

I keep hearing "It gets worse before it gets better" Well, I have been hearing that for almost 2 years now. When will it get better?

Underneath all of this, I have been depressed (which is not at all my personality), I have felt unnatractive (even though my hubby tells me I'm beautiful), I stay indoors most of the time, I used to run almost everyday- now I can barely go 2 days because I'm so embarassed. I'm angry because I don't understand (and no one seems to be able to give me answers) why now that I am 28 years old, I have acne. I had beautiful, freckled skin my whole life. WHY? Why did this hit me now? Can anyone explain...

I am ready to be me again.


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