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Day 41



Wow I can't believe I'm in my 2nd month already! YAYAYAYAY! So basically I broke out before my period AGAIN! Ya know,.... BC really does nothing for my skin, actually I get cysts on my chin that I have NEVER had before! I really want to get off of it! Me and my boyfriend are waiting until marriage anyways.

Right now my skin feels pretty smooth, but doesnt look so Hot! The right side is broken out a bit with a big cysyt and a couple small ones, and the left side has a big cyst by my nose that wont go away. My skin has dried up ALOT! I love it though. I had such oily skin that this is an amazing discovery, its really too good to be true. I can wear makeup all day long and not breakout. Its amazing!

My arms are itchy now and my eyes have dried up. My face doesnt really itch though anymore!

The Doc also bumped my dose to 60mg in my 2nd month.... keep it coming doc!!!!



gentle cleanser in the morning

oil free moisterizer all over face

thicker lotion around mouth area

40mg accutane


cetaphil anti-bacterial bar soap and wash cloth(gentely)

oil-free moisterizer

20mg accutane


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