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Day 18



Day 18 almost hitting 3 weeks!

So now that my cold is getting better my nose HAS WAY LESS flakes on the sides since I don't blow it every 5 minutes. My face is not that dry but on the sides of my mouth, they always flake by the end of the day. I've realized unlike some other accutane users I don't get sunburns still. Whenever I blow my nose, I notice clots of blood. My right knee hurt after my race today, but nothing serious (Btw I got first in the 4x800 relay and 4th in the open 400 meter dash :shhh: )

As for my acne its more or less the same no dramatic improvement, I guess what I thought to be my last days of my IB were a false alarm :/ BUT it's alright I still have motivation and drive that this will work, so I'm just being patient. In the beginning of the process my acne was a little worse than my average breakout but right now it's pretty much my normal breakout so I'm managing it better.

Another odd thing is that when I was stretching before my race my back hurt when I straightened it out so possibly a side effect.

The most annoying side effect would have to be my lips. Well the classic cherry chapstick works the best for me but I ran out and my dad bought me the Nivea Kiss of Moisture which goes on nicely but only lasts a couple of minutes for me :/ I've been having dry lips all day at my windy, cold track meet today. So I'm going to pile up on some vaseline before I go to bed tonight.

I also wanted to note that everything I write seems to seem so horrible when read BUT when your actually living it and going day by day the side effects are not that bad at all! The back and knee problem is a MINOR little nuisance that I just want to write to record everything for reference and detail, the nose bleeds/clots don't even agitate me at all just a little out of the ordinary that's enough to blog about, the dry lips is always easily eased with some good chap stick, and lastly the break out is just something to deal with for the first couple of weeks so don't be threatened at all because this seems pretty smooth sailing compared to all the horror stories I've read about :shhh:

Have faith you guys, we will clear up soon :cry:


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