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Day 59 body tranformation?



Day: 59

Mood: :shhh:

So i'm on day 59~ trust me time has gone really slow for me. It seems like i've been on accutane for awhile but it's only been two month. Is accutane making me impatient? haha I heard from other accutane users that generally the first 2 months seem to drag and as month 3 comes around, time will go by really quickly. I hope so! I just want to be clear and not have to worry about how i look.

Just the other day, I went to get my bloodwork done and I wore just mineral powder...I knew I didn't look like i had picture perfect skin...actually far from it. But it gave me this confidence and i felt pretty =) I haven't really felt pretty in awhile...Gosh makeup does wonders. But it's a double edged sword...Whenever i wear makeup, the next day, I get at least 1 whitehead. Makeup could be a contributing factor, but as far as my skin goes, I've been getting a few whiteheads recently. They come and go...but it takes about 3 days to go(if i don't pop them).

My face feels a lot smoother, my forehead is all clear! But my cheeks are still a lil bumpy and the red marks are still visible. I'm still washing with lemon and it seems like my red marks have faded! I'm going to try and keep the lemon wash going, hopefully over time, the red marks will fade even more. I'm feeling thirsty all the time, and my lips are dry~ other than that no new side effects (knock on wood) =)

I've been continuing with my P90x workout...i made a commitment to myself that i'm going to finish the program in 30 days working out 7 days a week and doing 2 workout a day...I haven't missed a day! It's not easy to be committed but i just been pushing myself....but not to worry I haven't been working out to the extreme (eg lifting heavy weights) But while i was working out esp when i do the Yoga i can hear my bones cracking on my arm and it hurts! I guess this is a side effect i almost forgot to mention! I try not to focus on it bc after awhile, the cracking goes away.

I have noticed some transformation though! My friends and family have noticed that I have a booty now...well i always had one, but now it's more pronounced~ Also i see a very faint 6pack coming but i think i'm still far from getting one...If i don't have good skin might else have an awesome body right? ^^

I also booked my one way ticket! I can't believe I got a job 6 hours away from home (by plane) I just hope the training goes well and I pass all the exams~ I'm excited yet nervous! By the time my training is done, I get to work with acne free skin!! I can't wait to be done with Accutane and just live my life to the fullest! Body, skin transformation~ I'm ready!!! Bring it on!!!


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