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chin and nose



So the rest of my face looks so perfect and glow-ey. However i do have a chin pimple, my skin seems super dry there, right after washing, however moisturizing right after helps and it doesn't look flaky or dry.

I wish that right after i washed my face i wouldn't see the dryness all over also, but i do. However after applying the cetaphi to all of my face, it doesn't look flaky and no problems with how my face looks with makeup

I do have little pimples on my nose, they won't seem to go away. It seems like it goes away and comes back. But they don't fully emerge they are under the skin. So it bothers me, it is the only place i don't put makeup and if i do, it looks bad.

But i guess i will keep sticking it out. So far eliminating jojoba oil and AHA has helped. Although it did look nice when it was on, i don't think it helped my skin so much. So i guess my face does get more pimples when i use it. I will probably try using it on the neck. I have been getting some neck pimples and under my chin my skin is super dry so i will try it there.

Anyways, i have been really good about drinking water and no caffeine.And i only have junk food on monday, which is really just a burger fries and coke.

Anyways i will keep updating. I will get my period next week so ill keep you posted on if i break out. And i have to say warmer weather is better on my skin, although i prefer my cold weather :shhh:


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