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Sun Poisoning - Day 3



Day 3 of bumps from sun exposure. Got it late friday night. Today is the third full day.

FRIDAY - suddenly broke out. freaked out!

SATURDAY - really bad around eyes, forehead, across nose. thousands, little red bumps, some skin colored. inflamed.

SUNDAY - EVEN MORE bumps. now broken out more on forehead and down to middle of cheeks and on chin and underneath chin.

TODAY, MONDAY - I think it might be not getting worse. it looks a little better. at least, not worse. still super thick dense collection of bumps across nose, under eyes in the middle of my eyes. very bumpy. I feel like in the next 24 hours I should see some improvement.


no horrible new acne forming. a nice change from constantly breaking out a few weeks ago. It's almost been 2 weeks off Differin. I think this is a good new regimen, just too bad I have to deal with thousands of bumps. On top of being really frustrated with cystic acne, pustules and constantly breaking out on my chin, now this! i'm surprised i've been less angry. Still very upsetting but I haven't cried about it. I think it's working that I keep reminding myself, this WILL go away, its a rash not pimples and it will just take time. Shouldnt be more than 2 weeks. and shouldnt leave any scars. just feels and looks so gross. I have my appt. tomorrow. I hope that I am not yelled at because of this. I really didnt even go in direct sunlight which is why this is so confusing. I really made the appt. because I have a cyst that needs to be extracted. At my last appt. Thursday she did some extractions. this one used to be flat but turned into an infection underneath and grew. I'm really hoping that she can extract this one. and possibly a few others now that I know it will be worth the pain and a few days of bright red, dark spots and some peeling. I just hope that the sun poisoning didnt mess with my skin and ruin results from my medication or my microdermabrasion treatment. At least I can ask when I am there tomorrow.

Today my skin itches and burns more.

Also a lot of bumps are new from yesterday so really those bumps I'm only on day 2.

Would be AMAZING if by Friday all the sun bumps were gone and what I get extracted Tuesday are healed/healing.

Will be nice to look back on this and really not take my skin for granted and remember how scary and insane this outbreak of sun bumps was.


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