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single bed issues



Nice boy. Have been with him for about 6 months now. Ticks a lot of boxes: tall enough for me (i'm 5'8), NOT an art student like me (so not gay or completey self obsessed :shhh:), caring, understanding, funny etc etc.....but he has a single bed. And this means I don't get a huge amount of sleep. And when I don't get enough sleep, my acne gets worse. I now have the small, painful kind dotted around my cheeks and chin. This wouldn't be such a big thing if we were a smaller couple. I know a pair who managed to stay together in a halls of residence bed, which was 90cm across...but the girl was 5" and the boy about my height. I happen to have a double bed. (well, a double mattress. Found discarded at the end of someones drive..) And is marvelous. But can't have him come to me all the time, isn't fair, and plus, I like going to his. Just not the bed. Argh. And he's going to cook for me later on this week. At his house. And also, how do you do the regime when your boyfriend is about?? Could just about get away with it at my house I suppose, but i'd have to disappear for a good 1/2 hour. Could do it after I have a shower or something, but thats a looong shower. and at his??? Hmmm.That was weird, just got a text from him. Clearly he knows I'm writing about him..;)Could just tell him about it. Haven't ever really talked about my skin with him - it came up once when I first started seeing him, but now..perhaps if I really stick to the routine then I'll tell him. I think it does make a difference, the regime. If I stick to it! Oh and the no dairy/wheat thing. I'm good with the no dairy - from my vegan days I'm a soy milk/margerine girl, but wheat..this is tricky. No toast in my life?? Hard. Hard times. I've got this special soy and linseed bread, which doesn't have so much insulin and is good for your digestion...can I get away with that? And drink gallons of lemony water. I'm getting though A LOT of lemons. And I really want a teapot. Now I'm sounding middle aged..I'm going to try and get pictures up here for my next post. Not completely blog savvy atm, but think it's good if I can track my progress with pictures as well. I want to try and stick to the regime for 7 days consecutively, so I'll try to write again on the 19th :shhh:


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