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Ah, I see my pictures did not show up in yesterday's blog. Oh well. :shhh:

I didn't apply the alien mask last night in the end, thought I'd give my face (and my family) the night off

I did apply blobs of it to certain spots to see whether they'd go down overnight. They do seem to get better if you do this. My husband thinks I look insane, which of course I do...but I don't care. :shhh:

I also applied benzol peroxide (10%, it's all I had last night) lightly to my whole face and neck. My neck is looking a lot better since I've been using this mask btw...really pleased about that. It really gets me down when my neck looks bad as well. Soooooooooooo embarrassing. Sometimes I don't want to set foot outside my front door or look in the mirror. Horrible isn't it?

Skin is hardly flaky at all now but I am getting some new spots on my face, nothing awful, just a few bumps under the skin. Still annoying grrrrrrrrrr

It's a new treatment for me though so I have to be patient. I am going to apply it tonight and I've also had an idea : I think I'll put on a load of BP (4%) after I take the mask off. Could be a good time to apply while the pores are still open. Hopefully our friend P.acnes :cry: will have no time to react to such a vicious onslaught. I certainly hope so. I'll also moisturise afterwards.


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