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Week Thirteen: Day Eighty-Eight



Okay. Well I decided to put on AHA+ for the day instead of for the night, at least today. I've noticed I actually used as much AHA+ and BP so something tells me I gotta use more BP and less AHA+ XD

Also I'm thinking about going to the store and trying to find something for my back,..even if I don't completely clear up back there it'd be nice to have less acne. Can't afford to use the regimen for back, even if it does work. Also I'm reaallly craving chocolate right now >w<

And practicing trumpet is becoming one heck of a chore. I have to do all these lip flexibility exercises after warming up and doing exercises out of the arbans.

I tried to vary it and give myself time to rest by doing floor exercises like situps and pushups in between,..so I did two sets of fifty sit ups (the ones where you bring your knees up from the floor as well as your chest and then touch them, go back down without touching the floor and then go back up again) and ten push ups. (The ones where you barely bend your elbows because your arms shake so much and your legs are so tired from doing too many situps your knees are barely off the ground).

I kinda want dark chocolate,..or a run or bike ride. Of course this craving comes while its raining. The weather keeps changing, usually its REALLY hot this time of year as it approaches summer but,...its been freezing some days, hot others, and extremely rainy others. Weeeeird.

And my hat's coming along pretty well. I'm gonna give it to someone for their birthday if I finish it in time. I think I need double-pointed needles as I start to decrease stitches but hopefully using circular needles the whole time won't be TOO much of a hassle,..


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