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Day 17



Breaking out still..

Today is supposed to be day 16 REALLY because I skipped yesterday and I'll tell you guys why... BUT since skipping a day or even a week doesn't really affect your progress (accutane stays in your blood stream for at least 30 days after your last pill) I'm still considering today to be my Day 17 :shhh:

So yesterday I woke up to severe, sharp cramps in my lower right stomach and I couldn't sleep or anything. I thought my appendix burst because it was very painful. So I went to the emergency room and it took about 9 hours total! The healthcare system is crap omg, but they gave me a urine test, blood test, put me on an IV, made me drink 3 cups of this juice contrast for my CT scan, injected me with iodine and something for nausea, and then after 9 hours they tell me everything is normal. My white blood cell count-normal, liver, pancreas, kidney, stomach, appendix-normal, and the only thing they said was i had extra fluids down there and it probably something like in between periods I get that ... I asked them if it was related to accutane and they said not at all. PERSONALLY i think its from eating in n out late at night and knocking out right after eating so much haha. So i didn't take m 60 mg of claravis or my BC yesterday and I'll do that today. But I'm fine now and it's nice knowing my white blood cell count and all my organs are normal whew.

BUT my acne got worse, maybe due to stress, pain, and oh i forgot on Day 15 which I didn't post I was so busy with a Track meet. It lasted until 10 at night and I was put in two races: the 4x800 meter relay and the open 800 meter. After the first race I felt so sick and feverish (I still haven't recovered from my awful cold) and the race made it so much worse. I asked my coach if I could skip my next race and he basically told me to suck it up blah blah blah, so I raced and after I was a walking zombie. I think because of all the stress and my cold I was in the emergency room the next day! and I broke out. I have two huge painful pimples and little ones scattered over my cheeks now. My face looks awful like the time I posted on Day 5 or 6. So it feels like I'm redoing my IB.

I'm more dry, i have white flakes all around my mouth and my nose when I woke up today, my lips actually peeled a little today, and some stomach issues but I'm not sure if thats related to the pills.

I hope it's okay to skip one day :/


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