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5 weeks and there's definite improvement!



Nearly missed the opportunity to write this weekend... think it's because I am seeing improvement so thinking about my skin less than usual yay!! :dance: Taken the third lot of photo's today and I'm thinking of putting them up ...they are v bad quality but show the main gist of things... The one bad thing is i am realizing how much scarring i have (I hope my mum posts that BioOil across soon!)

Differin: No dry irritated skin this week from the Differin. Skin was getting really oily in the day but seems to be a little less oily now - i.e. my makeup is not totally coming off by 12pm.... Lots of blackheads becoming more visible and some coming out (gross!) but only had 1 or 2 cysts that went away in a day. Red marks are also improving i believe and skin is a little softer and less bumpy.

Recent changes: So I forgot to mention that I changed from using Body Shop seaweed moisturiser to using Body Shop Vitamin E Night moisturiser - I only use a v little amount as it is heavy and wait 10-15mins before putting it on after the Differin. Started to use a face massager to make it absorb a little better too and it seems to be doing the trick! I think it is softening the blackheads and helping the red marks. Also back on the zinc tablets twice a day.

AHA: So over the last few weeks my chest has not been great - it is still looking spotty although does seem to be clearing and some cysts when down quicker than they usually do. Back is still feeling a bit rough but i added in some exfoliating glove action every morning in shower after exercise over the last day or two and it seems to be helping a bit. Will keep going as i generally think I am still purging with it and I did have sooo many blcoked pores before. Also, best mention that I am getting itchy red rash around collar bone area so gonna avoid using it there for a few days... :shifty:

Alcohol & Diet: No alcohol but diet has been pretty bad - damn chinese food! Must try and eat more fresh veg's and fruits next week. I have been eating cheese a bit over the last 2 weeks and I really think i must cut it out again now - had a few headaches and tummy has not been 100%... :shhh:

Exercise and Colonics: 3 x Davina and 2 x yoga (noticing the difference now - woop!) + had my second ever colonic which was fairly painful this time and a little gross ( i have limescale-like stuff in my colon urgh!)

Massages: 1 full body and 1 foot massage - hehe! I spoil myself but they are good :shhh:

Dates: 1 maybe this week - and I need to look hot as he hasn't seen me for a few months!

So, off to do some more yoga before getting some sleep for my stressful week at work - I am planning to go to a pool party in the city on the night of my 26th Birthday in about 7weeks time so I have a goal! I want my skin to be better and to be nice and toned for then - then of course there is my friends wedding in the UK 6 weeks after that to keep me going after :cry:


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