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Sun Poisoning/Polymorphous Light Eruption



Sun Poisoning/Polymorphous Light Eruption

Was in the sun a bit on a short walk and ended up getting hundreds of tiny red bumps all across my eyes, underneath, nose, forehead, between eyebrows, its really bad. really inflamed. looks horrible.

Completely my fault. Just frustrating knowing that I need to just wait it out and nothing I can do about it.

Last time I didnt know what it was and started using an exfoliator and think it made me breakout more.

Looking forward to this finally going away. washing my face is so painful emotionally and feels awful. like millions of bumps, thick and dense.

I should have never even been outside.

Need to make sure this never happens again. also i need to be careful so i dont get it on my arms either. maybe that's why i'm tanning quicker.

Today is Saturday. Hoping by Tuesday it's lesser. Tuesday afternoon I am going in for some extractions. I have at least one large infection on my chin that needs to go. It was looking flat on thursday when she was doing extractions. now its raised, hard and big. there's a change it will come to the surface before tuesday but unlikely and I'd much rather have her do it. And possibly take some other things out too.

Now that I know what to expect and that it actually was worth it. I'd like some more done.


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