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Day 36- porch party



Day 36

It is two of my roommates birthday's this weekend so we are having a porch party and then they are going to migrate out to the bars... We are expecting about 20 people. I am not super stoked about this for several reasons: the porch is off my room, which means I am going to have strangers and mere acquaintances walking through my room all night (it also means I have no where to hide), also alcohol is involved, of which I am trying to avoid. I also have a crap load of stuff to do --> only 4 weeks of school left, its go time!! I will just have to do my best to avoid the alcohol and if I can not stand it, I may just leave and call a friend and see if I can hang at their place for a while. I'll let you know how all that goes...

my skin: still pretty icky. I have the two monsters on either side of my chin --> which I have still avoided picking, but they are peeling super bad and it looks horrible! The worst part is that I will leave my house with it well moisturized and fine and then after a bit it will turn into this scaly mess. I am not sure what to do with it. I also grew a lovely white head in the middle of my chin right between the two nodules. ALSO my back is broken out, which was actually the first thing to dry out... not sure what is going on back there.

side effects: dry lips, weird peeling mess on my cysts. I am also still super sore, my neck and my right thigh just will not stretch out and go away. It is pretty annoying.

weird stuff: My hands are super dry and itchy. I have this rash on them which is on the backs of my hands and on my wrists. I usually carry hand lotion around with me all winter but I have already ditched it... guess I need to pull it out again cause putting aquaphor on them at night is not enough!! I ride my bicycle everywhere, but I wear gloves --> I am not sure if the tane is drying my hands out or if it is the still chilly morning air...


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