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Week Thirteen: Day Eighty Seven



Good Morning all! So my skin is doing great. It's not as red as it used to be, and there are only about two prominent white heads down by my jaw. (probably from not brushing my teeth before the regimen, but after). I have definately lowered use of BP. Makes my skin tone look better if I only use the reccommended amount. And I'm wondering right now what month # I'm approaching? Its SOO weird its already April. :shhh:

So I think I'm approaching month four now. Well truth be told I haven't experienced any miraculous clearing, but it IS clearing, and if my dark spots start fading faster and I stop itching my face and making new ones, soon perhaps I will indeed have relatively perfect skin to enjoy.

It definitely makes me feel more attractive. And I've been eating less lately in an attempt to lose a bit of weight. Today's a big test 'cause the farmers market it today. I can get LOTS of sugary delicious food there, like brownies and cookies and chocolate crossaints. So I'm going to try to contain myself and wait for lunch, maybe head down there simply for a tamale (which are suprisenly very nice and filling) and a chai tea. Its very tempting to grab a delicious brownie,..maybe I will. Maybe not,..I'm trying to avoid massive intakes of sugar. Perhaps I'll pick up some kiwis. Or I can get a burrito and a crossaint and eat the crossaint now, wait a few hours, then eat the burrito.

Gosh. This makes me want to do a combination problem like in math.

Been doing too much math. I'm taking math analysis next year, and I may go with AP statistics or intro to statisics at the college my senior year. My math teacher told me it'd be better to take math analysis because I'm good at math and it could be on the SATs.

Also a LOT of my friends are taking math analysis,..I'd love to be in the same class but hopefully we'll at least have the same teacher who hopefully won't be the one people say sucks. haha.

Guess I'll see what happens. I chose to do Music Enrichment rather than Spanish three so as not to overload myself because all my other classes are real difficult. If its last period I might just go home and practice there. Or see if I can switch into Spanish 3.

Also I might try to figure out a way to carry my trumpet on the bike,...it'd be so much easier.


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