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what's happening now



On Sunday I ran out of Spiro, I hadn't realised that I didn't have another packet. So it's been a few days without any - all I've been taking is my vitamin e supplement. It's been my week off my contraceptive pill.

I've been using my Simple cleanser and the Simple Oil control lotion on my forehead and nose but have had to use much more nourishing creams on my chin as it has been really dry for a couple of weeks.

Chin - clear, couple of healing red marks from the breakout 2 weeks or so ago.There is a very small slightly painful lump but it's much smaller than any previous cysts so I'm not too worried about it.

Forehead - bit red and itchy but not spotty. C

Nose - about 10 tiny spots that have popped by themselves, so now there are lots of small red marks. Weird as I never normally get spots on my nose.

Cheek - on my left cheek near my nose there is a small spot.

I really want to use Liz Earle products and have them at home ready to use. They are natural and use plants/essential oils/etc. From today I plan to:

drink more water

eat less chocolate

buy some zinc and evening primrose oil tablets as I've run out

use rosehip oil on the red marks to aid healing

put sudocrem on my nose overnight until it starts clearing

If I start getting cysts I'll see the doc for more spiro but at the moment I want to see what will happen when I'm not on it, as it would be nice not to have to take it forever.

I'm going to give this plan 2 weeks and see. Maybe I'll have to go back to my old regime of dermalogica - but I find that my skin usually gets immune to the effects of dermalogica products.

Day 1!


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