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Claravis 2 month



April 2,2010

So its my second month on Claravas and im seeing alot of changes in my face.

I went back to my doctor for the second month and he put me on 2 30mg take two pills once a day he warned me Im gonna be a little more dryer and yes he wasnt lying :shifty: Its April 10,2010 so Ive been on my 60 mg for ten days I do feel dryer so I bought some coco butter for my body and Dove moisturizer as a new body wash cause its not my face thats dry its my body :shhh: my lips dont feel as dry cause Im using the same regimen for them and they are not chapped at all :cry: I also use my tooth brush to brush my lips gently to smooth out any dry spots( if any) and it works fine... Im so missing waxing my eyebrows knowing i cant do that cause my skin will rip off LOL!!! but plucking will have to do for now... OH and im not drinking too which is not bad at all i still can have fun!!! but its hard to actually tell friends why u are not drinking but i actually told most of them why im not and they are cool with it:) my joints hurt sometimes and my neck feels like i have a sunburn i think cause its dry so im gonna try the coco butter see if it works...mmm what else??? Oh I dont break out as much if i do its very tiny they last for about 1-2 days then gone!! i still put on make-up cause i can see my small scars which are still kinda red

but they are fading .. If you have experienced the "sunburn feel " please let me know if you have any remedies or ideas for me... THANKS :shhh: OH forgot and im gettin more thirsty Im craving water now mmmm water :dance:


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