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Week Thirteen: Day Eighty Six



Weird how it takes five hours of rehearsal to realize how much I love being a musician.

Alright skin first:

Its doing very well. My dark spots continue to fade away to specs and if I squint my lefthand cheek almost looks clear (I take pics of the right, my worst one)

I do have active acne but I don't mind it that much

Because its WAY less then I had before and I know exactly why I've been getting it

A combination of purging from AHA+ and I've been touching my face too much.

Also I decided to go back to only a fingers length of BP. A little extra made my face ridiculously dry so I'm guessing I didn't need to do that because I backed off and if anything my skin looks BETTER because it actually retains the moisture.

But yeah,.

My day was full of WOOHOO!!!!!!!! See, at first a person I'm a little nnyyee about what giving me extra attention, (thats so-so, interesting but not :shhh: worthy haha) in english I BARELY have an A in that class. 90%. I love it when that happens. Even though I know its going to be hard to keep that or raise it, I'm on the edge and its thrilling.

Like in the perimeter for gym class! 10:29 !!!

My goal was to get less than 10:30.


Haha. Whee :shhh:

Also,..in my last post I complained about having no variety in my life.

Well I DO!

Some of its bad, but at least its different! And then as far as renewing my interest in music,...its an adventure! I went to a trombone recital got a smoothie and then went to rehearsal,..if I didn't have music I would of sat home and been bored.

Also I'm concuring realms I never thought possible. I'm getting a lot better at improvising, (which I haven't done in quite a while), and I didn't eat for seven or eight full hours. Maybe nine. Here I was thinking I didn't have the willpower to get through two. Haha! Take that! I do so have self control! ^.^ Today was an exciting day.


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