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Hello everyone:) mmm what can i say first?? Im 29 years old female and ive been living with acne since I was 21. at first when i started getting I though that i might have it for a while and itll go away soon BOY WAS I WRONG!!!! the more years went by it got worse! I developed Cystic Acne :shhh: I tried everything from the store bought products to infomercial products to herbal remedies. Nothing worked I thought i was just gonna have to get used to living like this and just try to cover it up as best as I can. As time went by Ipretty much was getting very self conscious always looking in the mirror trying to cover up something i knew i couldnt... I would go places with friends with them taking pictures and me just saying no even though i so wanted to. there were times i didnt even wan to go out because my face looked so bad and i wanted to hide under my sheets and sleep... I had to make a decision and now cause i was wasting my life hiding from this and sure tired of having to wear make-up all the time even just to go outside to throw the trash!! the worst thing is my new boyfriend is a photographer and he's been wanting to take pictures of us and me declining because of my cystic acne was so horrible!!!finally i started coming to this website ACNE.ORG doing research and getting ideas! I did my research and decided to get on Accutane (Claravis) I was so nervous cause the side effects but I needed to take that chance...


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