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Bentonite Clay? WTF? Help needed.



I am just wondering about this Bentonite Clay thing I seem to be hearing a lot about - has anyone tried it - does it work!? My acne has gone into overdrive recently and I have heard that this could be a solution?

First let me start by saying I am a man. I know - I know; modern men wear pink, cry at movies and talk about feelings and stuff, but I am not that highly evolved. I want to try this mask thing out but live in fear of being caught by my mates - girls underwear I can explain, but face masks!!?

Plus there is the whole thing of which mask? How do you mix it - I struggle making soup - this is another daunting problem.

I've also read that people eat this Bentonite Clay and it helps them to poo the toxins out - - how gross does that sound - - this appeals to me more because eating gross stuff is more Manly, however, I am faced with the same problem of HOW you go about it - do you just stuff it in your mouth or is there a speacial technique?

Lastly there is the problem of WHERE do I buy this stuff - I don't know clay from gravel and knowing my luck I'd order from a less than reputable vendor and get caught spreading manure accross my face - which would be even harder to explain!

Any help would be appreciated


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I use clay masks, its pure green clay which I mix with water to form a paste then i put it on my face for about 15 mins.I bought it from a place called perfect potion but im not sure where else to buy it.Green clay is best for acne ive been told. It may draw out pimples to begin with but it will leave your skin sooo soft.HYDRATED bentonite clay is what people drink. You can buy it from health food stores. You take it with water and psylium husks I think.Internally taking clay should be done on a cleanse for optimal results. Arise and shine do one.:)

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