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Keep on keepin' on!



I'll be honest with you; Only a month has passed since blogging here, and really it takes far longer than that to deem a regimen unworthy, but I'm ready to throw some thoughts at you. Put simply, I was crazy to believe that pumping all those harsh chemicals onto my face would cure my acne, but the products I bought certainly pulled my skin out of the dark ages a.k.a. disaster breakout that recently flared up.

With the regimen I chose, I found that acne did begin to disappear with time, but what it left behind was a rage of red, inflamed skin and painful tingles and burns. Not only that, but the act of slathering multiple layers of mysterious chemical compounds upon my sensitive skin simply felt like a mistake. How could it possibly benefit my skin in the long run if it merely acted as an inflammatory crutch?

Admittedly, the products I chose were ALL recommended by dermatologist expert Paula Begoun, and therefore offered a theoretic escape from irritants and inflammation. But I'm not convinced our skin is meant to handle all this business. And I'm not convinced topical medication is the answer to acne treatment.

I think what our skin craves is peace, PURIFIED water and all natural ingredients.

But what do I know? I still have tiny clusters of resilient acne lingering around my jawline and forehead, and my journey has only just begun. I'll end my ponderings now and simply post what I've found to be beneficial to acne control and what my regimen NOW includes.

What's Worked So Far:
PURIFIED water. Not Spring water, not tap. Purified, reverse-osmosis treated water. I read somewhere that slapping water on your skin from the sink (full of chemicals like chlorine that your skin isn't exactly keen on handling) only adds to the drama of skin irritation. Washing my face with purified water showed
change in acne intensity.

Egg White Mask. What a glorious process! To find more information written more eloquently than I could possibly write here, simply search for 'Egg Whites Mask' here on acne.org and read about all the glorious benefits of this skin-toning, natural solution. Since using it, my skin has seen VAST improvement. I am planning on writing a review on this stellar technique soon. The world should know!

Persa Gel 10. Irritates my skin, but damn does it dry out nasthy acne fast. Might continue to use in times of desperate need.

Vitamins! I'm taking many Omega-3 rich vitamins as well as food-based daily supplements, all of which serve to restore your body's regular functions and skin turnover. I have been faithfully taking these vitamins for about three weeks now, and indeed my skin is improving. But do I thank the eggs for this?

My Latest Regimen:

Cleanse with Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser + moisturize

Cleanse once more, apply Egg Whites Mask + moisturize

Twice a Week:
Clean and Clear Morning Burst In Shower Facial

CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion or Jojoba Oil

Spot Treatment:
Persa Gel 10


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