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Week Thirteen: Day Eighty-Four



Ooo week thirteen. This week's bound to be ominous or bothersome in some way. Or incredibly lucky. Hahah. I'm really not sure what superstitions are more common place.

So here's my most recent progress picture:


I have been a lot more dry then usual, and when I'm dry I tend to touch my face more (wet my hands in an attempt to hide the flakiness) and thus create more acne. But my dark spots are fading noticeably now.

As for my life, stress has been so-so. Not much drama. I still get tense when that other person is around,..the bad way. But it passes and seeing them with someone else doesn't seem to bug me, though if I see them holding hands and/or kissing I'll probably be thrown off for a little while but overall I think I'm finally moving on. Since he's in a relationship he can't keep me from doing it either. (before when I'd start to move on--by coincidence or not--he'd make another appearance and flirt hecka until I was into him again, which won't happen anymore 'cause I'm adamant!)

The life I'm moving onto is healthy. I'm using caution as to what classes I take so I don't over-stress myself. I really hope I get in the same class as my band friends,...it'd be cool 'cause I have so many classes with them already, one in particular.

Nothing mucho interesante. (lolz spanish!) Um,...I went through this huge debate with myself over AP statistics vs Math Analysis. Math Analysis won, I'm going to my counselor tomorrow (Hopefully my timing will not be as bad as it was today) and getting my schedule changed for the second time :shhh: (hopefully there will not be a third! haha)

Well I'd better go shower and sleep and stuff. Goodbye internet/possibly existent readers!


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