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Day 13



I have a lot to write about today haha sorry in advanced for the length!

Face is way smoother and less bumps. I notice a big change today no joke :shhh:. My friend commented once again, "You are definitely going to be perfect for prom" I was very happy and some of my friends noticed and said "Looks like no pimples, but a little rash" I think this was the scabby parts haha and lastly my boyfriend told me my nose looks like a lizard because of the flaky dry skin from blowing it so much lol thanks a lot fag haha he just keeps telling me to take vitamin c and drink lots of water because he thinks this drug is going to kill me or something hah but nonetheless good advice. I also envy his skin its perfectly clear and he doesn't even wash his face LOL which is totally confusing to me.

Anyways yeah definite improvement and one of my friends told me how the skin regenerates and goes in 2 week cycles and coincidentally tomorrow will be my "two week mark." So no new bumps today, I feel like the IB is over finally. So there is hope accutane people, that an IB doesn't have to last months or weeks even. My IB noticeably started Day 5 and stopped around Day 13 so that is approximately 8 days about 1 week and 1 day. Recap on my IB: it was a little worse than the normal breakout, it was bad to me though like they say YOU ARE YOUR WORST CRITIC. So during that dark week, THANK GOD it was over Spring Break, I barely went out, was very unsocial, lazy, and pessimistic, checking the mirror every hour, and just complaining and whining to my mom. I realized that when school started again and as I was forced to leave the house, I was happier and with more socializing helped speed up the healing process? Friends, socializing, fun = less stress = less acne So all in all the IB was really not that bad and everyone who is scared of the IB and debating over accutane, it's just like my regular breakout but a little worse but if you can handle one more breakout and be patient for long lasting clear skin, I think its worth it

Another thing to talk about is I went to track and spent about 2 hours in the sun. I used the Coopertone Sport Sunscreen 50 SPF and its for your face and is labeled "won't clog pores, oil-free." It worked pretty good, I don't feel burned and I'm still a honey-beige color :shhh: Although whenever I wash my face, right after I'm a little red but it goes away after 10 minutes. But yeah, I'm going to continue using the sunscreen.

The only annoying side effect for today is my flaky, dry nose! My friends constantly told me every period when it was dry so I would take out my sunscreen because that is all I had and I would reapply. So today I'm going to gently exfoliate the sides of my nose and load up on some vaseline before I go to bed. And for my lips they are fine just reapplying my chap stick as much as I can. After each set of our workout today, I ran over to my backpack to get some chapstick haha.

Lastly, I will be uploading my 1 month pictures soon and sorry I did not take a before :cry: I just kind of forgot about life when I got my IB. Stay tuned haha.


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