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Another short midweek entry :)



Just had a massage so feeling nice and relaxed! Why are the Chinese people so good at massaging and why is it so cheap?! All the better for me :shhh:

So I may be able to see some small hints of progress on my cheeks wooop! I have just had 2 cysts on neck come out now but will hopefully clear up fast so I'm feeling positive again. Also, I read some reviews on Differin and if people don't seem to clear up straight away, they seem to clear up after 2-3 months of use so can't really expect much after 4 weeks!

I've made a decision to do another 8 weeks of it and if there isn't significant progress, that'll be when I go back to see the derm. My aim is to be clear for my friends wedding back in Sunny England at the end of July - plenty of time left... :shhh:

Gonna do some yogalates now - nearly outdoor swim season.....


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