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1 Week



Tomorrow it will be one week since changing to this regimen.

I think the 4.5% BP wash was really irritating my skin and making everything worse. It burned, stung and was painful while washing my face. It has a grittiness to it that was really rough on my sensitive skin. I really wanted DIFFERIN and BP wash to work. It was tough to face the fact that this might not work for me and that I feel as though I wasted 4 months having consistently horrible breakouts. But moving on and hopeful.

I noticed that my face has less little bumps that I could feel when washing my face. It is a lot less irritated I think mostly because I changed cleansers. I am loving the way this CLENIA feels. My face also drinks up the CETAPHIL lotion much better then before. Previously it would be very greasy and sit on top of my skin.

I have three active clusters on my chin as of right now. all appeared in my last few weeks of using DIFFERIN.

RIGHT SIDE OF CHIN: old cyst spot still dark and a small bump can still be felt. I have 5 active bumps on that side grouped together. nothing is at a head and none of them feel very deep but still deeper than a basic zit. New one came up closer to the old cyst spot.

MIDDLE: deep infection right under lip. it was bigger than the size of an eraser tip and all white pus underneath, very wide but not too raised. this started off very small and grew. eventually a whitehead formed and pus came out. it looks much less red and irritated but still has white fluid deep underneath and a bump can still be felt. Cluster of closed skin colored bumps right in the middle. typical congestion.

LEFT SIDE OF CHIN: one dark colored spot is a deep cyst. feels smaller than it did several weeks ago. Above it there is a section of puffiness and swelling I can tell there are probably cysts underneath forming. looks puffy when I smile or touch it.

FOREHEAD: feels amazing, looks good. not flawless but nothing active.

CHEEKS: as of right now no active spots

NOSE: just blackheads, nostril edges less inflamed and painful. I get clogged pores. tiny white things that can be pulled out. its such a sensitive area. I am just going to use my cleanser and not touch them.

PEELING: lots of peeling happening. even though I've only used Tazorac once on the 31st. I am waiting because I am going to the dermatologist on Thursday for a treatment. I tried a baby brush type brush but it was so painful and hurt and was way to rough. i'll have to use it for something else. Now i find using cetaphil and water and a cotton ball in circular motions does pretty good. and doesnt hurt. I really hope i didnt cause chaos by using that brush on my chin. at the moment it kind of stings and is very red.

I think a key to this new regimen will also be using an antibiotic. hopefully a brand name birth control will help things also.

From my upper lip up I look pretty clear. its just my whole chin area.


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