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*Day 10*



*DAY 10*


WASH - Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Foaming Wash - Nice and gentle and feels really smoothing and great on the skin :shhh:

TREAT - Quinoderm 3 times a day.

MOISTURISE - Simple replenishing daily moisturiser during day and Boots vitamin e night cream before bed.


I got one more little spot, again on my right cheek. I think it is another that was under the skin waiting to come up anyway. I picked it a bit which is really annoying! Trying to avoid touching them. It got a bit inflamed but treated as normal with BP and just before bed is gone down :shhh:

The other new ones I got over the past week have all gone down to just red marks now, and are quickly on their way to fading.

Only other annoying thing is that my skin looked red again in patches today and had a lot of dry, flaky patches that peeled. Don't think it is going to be a problem because its not sore at all, or itchy/stinging etc. Just a little red. So hopefully that will sort itself out soon and the little breakout I've had will be over! :cry:


Can't believe I'm still sticking to the regimen religiously!! I usually find it hard to stick with a routine but this is going great! I am looking forward to getting this second week out the way as it seems as if this small breakout is nearly over (touch wood!).

Also hope the redness goes down soon, as it kind of spoils all the work! Apart from a couple of spots I am clear :shifty: Just red marks left which are fading - doesn't look so great because of the damned dryness and redness. Time for jojoba oil I think.



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