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Meh. I've been back at my parents house for a good ten days or so...and there are so many nice nice sweet things and homemade (well made in a breadmaker...but it's still alot better than a supermarket stuff) bread...argh. AND it's easter. Well. A day ago. So I really have no excuse anymore...Been doing the topical part of the regime, Benzoyl oxide etc, but thought the diet side if definitely worth looking into. I've been into green/white tea for awhile now, but i think what makes a real difference is hot water with lemon.Can't go on about this enough..I really think it is making a difference. I have bacne, (have a thing on the msg boards about this..) as well as acne on my face and underneath the jawline. But it's pretty much gone! There are some small cyst just below my neck, but apart from that, my back is looking smoother and clearer then it has all winter. And I think this is half ude to I've been doing a lot less since I've been at my parents, and the other half I'm sure is becuse of all the lemons i'm getting though.To the no dairy and wheat thing I've been reading a lot about on this site..I was a very strict vegan for 3 months, then relaxed my standards a lot after christmas. I'm only human..I was also very ill at this point as well - this ulcerative colitis(UC) thing I mentioned last post. However at this time I didn't know what was wrong, so was restricting my diet as it seemed the only thing I could control. UC is a inflammatory bowel disease, and it has pretty grim details...and stress does make it worse, So all this anxiety about what was wrong with me, restricting my diet so much - I was under physical, mental and yeah, definitely emotional stress.So even though I was on a dairy and almost completely wheat free diet, my acne was really bad. But taking account of the circumstances, it's really not that surprising.SO...now that I know what's wrong with me, and I'm on meds etc, I want to try the no dairy wheat thing again. I'm still adjusting to living with UC - it can be frustrating and restricting - but I'm going to give no diary/wheat diet another go. And hey ho, you never know, may help my insides as well :shhh: The lemony water definitely is..Am getting back into the benzoyl routine..slowly...it is a bit of a faff to do, but when I do actually do it properly, you do see a difference. And I find it's quite relaxing, a chance just to take your time with a simple task. For someone who has alot of stress in their life right now it's a chance to have a quiet moment.This is getting a tad long. I'll shut up now. Night. :shhh:


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