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Dose 6



Took the 6th dose last night. Definitely starting to see the dryness coming on. My lips and eyes are dry and I'm getting a little bit of flaking around my mouth. The all natural chapstick I bought seems to be working well for now. Also, for the first time since before I hit puberty I was able to go for one day yesterday without washing my hair with shampoo. It was oily but not practically dripping with grease like usual.

I am breaking out but no worse than usual. I have about 6 nodules right now that are all just bellow the surface and are slowly oozing out as I type. They are actually much more shallow than usual and are definitely healing faster. What really looks bad are the tiny little whiteheads just bellow the surface of the skin that I have right now around my forehead, nose and cheeks. They don't seems to want to get any worse- which is good- but they also don't seem to be going away anytime soon.

My back is very, very stiff and sore. Did a one and a half hour yoga class and I have been paying for it with back soreness ever since. My hips were so stiff in the class that I could hardly move. Trying to drink a lot more water to maybe flush out the soreness.

Anyway other than those slightly annoying side effects mentioned all is looking great! tone and texture look a thousand time better. accutane is the shit!!!


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