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Got it!!!!! Day 52



Mood: :shhh:

Day: 52

GREAT NEWS!!! I got the job! Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement during my long 3 weeks of waiting. I'm really excited to embark on this new journey. Not only do i feel grateful for this opportunity in such a hard economic time but having a new job (with clear skin hopefully! ) is a change that is most welcoming.

My 2 month of training starts next month! So I have less than a month to prepare and pack my things...I'm nervous because I heard it's intense training....hopefully I will pass the exams and officially start work by July. I haven't studied hardcore in awhile, hopefully accutane won't let me lose focus. This is a huge, huge step for me, as I will be moving from my hometown to a place where I have very few friends....As 1/4 of year 2010 is closing in, it has been a rollar coaster ride. At the beginning of the year was when I realized that my skin troubles weren't getting any better...I waited it out till feb and finally decided to take the accutane plunge. I've been doing my interviews since mid Feb with my skin at it's worst and after waiting and waiting. doubting and hoping, being optimistic and pessimistic. The waiting game ended in good news! It really seems like time went by but the fact is, i'm only on day 52.

My skin seemed like it was improving but just like a rollar coaster...I've woken up with a few bumps. All but one turned into whiteheads and a couple is healing now. This one pimple is just under the skin almost like a cyst..it hurts when i touch it but it's not big at all. I've visited other blogs on here....and I see people who are on month 3-4 seeing huge improvements on their skin. It's really inspiring me to not lose hope to just keep on popping those pills but at the same time, i'm nervous that I won't experience those huge successes...

My main concern are the red marks...I hope they fade. I'm still using lemon and aloe, they seem to be helping and everyday it seems like my complexion is getting more evened out but overall, it's been constant.

While i was getting up from the floor, my knee cracked...weird~ I never had that happen to me before. It felt like my knee was about to give up on me. I've experience it a couple of times. I've also embarked on another journey,,,,,I've started P90X!!! It's a 90 day program that helps you transform your body...I don't want to be bulky, i just want to be toned and have a six pack. That would be so awesome for the summer~ I've decided to be crazy and finish the program in 30 days doing 2 workouts 7 days a week. I'm doing the same program, so I should get the same results right? Well we'll see. I've been doing the program for a week and I feel great! It's so tireing but i'm really pushing myself...like Tony Horton (creater of P90x) says, "Just do your best and forget the rest!"

Okay back to the main topic, I've been trying to drink lots of water...and it seems to be helping with my constant thirst syndrome. I don't wake up in the middle of the night to go to the loo anymore...thank goodness! Because the constant waking up made me so tired during the day. Good restful sleep is so important. As for my lips they are constantly chapped. I need to moisturize my lips 24/7..it almost seems like my lips look fuller, it must be bc of all the moisturizing! As for the dryness, my face is not dry or flaky...I was never oily..but hmmm I prob jinxed myself- prob tom i'll be all flaky ! I have so much to do before I start packing and leaving on a jet plane, but I have all of my accutane on hand so I'm pretty much all ready! My skin doc prescribed me 3+ month of accutane =) I'll be doing 60mg all the way through till month 5~

Good luck to everyone who are in this journey with me...Wish you all a wonderful progress!


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