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Week Twelve: Day Eighty-Two



So my previously mentioned acne has healed fairly quickly. The little ones come and go and are barely visible so I don't count them much. I have been more dry then usual but thats because I've been using AHA+ too often. Also I have no more PE makeups (forgot I still get partial credit for showing up even if I don't participate and sometimes we took a test or something so I had less to do than I thought) Pretty happy about that. Also I've noticed oatmeal and granola bars fill me up like, . . . a lot. :shhh:

Not the little sweet granola bars though. Those are too tasty to be of substance >w<

Um, . . . nothing interesting much I suppose. Gotta wash my gym clothes today so I smell better tomorrow. I have homework in basically every class except for gym. Band homework doesn't really exist either but you know, practicing trumpet in general sorta counts for that. English don't have much. I'm writing a pretty funny vocab story. Might post it up for kicks. Well least I think its funny. Its stupid, therefore amusing.

History only needs like half a summary and some more typing for other stuff. Math, . . . I have a lot of math. Spanish is pretty easy but still requires time. Ugh.


I'm gonna try and be in the homework chair by like, . . . four. And I'll practice and do floor exercises too. Maybe even clean.

Well anyways I'm off to go impersonate a super student! Okie bye X|


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