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Day 11



Doing pretty good emotionally :shhh:, my face is still not that great especially with my IB still in session yikes but it's whatever :shhh: I started using moisturizer this morning in order to apply my make up and I'm not dry at all, more oily :dance: which is odd because I'm wondering when accutane will start taking care of the oily stuff...but patience is a virtue so I'm hanging in there :cry: uhm i finally went out in public and it brought my social spirits back, saw all my friends even though i wasn't looking too hot it brought comfort and support. Although most of my girl friends did say "So I'm guessing you started the pill" they knew that this breakout was a little out of proportion than my normal 2-3 pimples and clogged pores look...despite the obvious observations they were encouraging and anticipated flawless skin :shifty:

So as of right now I still have bumps scattered around the sides of my chin and on the sides of my cheeks and lips are still the normal, moderate dry andd only 169 day left until I'm done with this! haha

Had a very sleepless night, so I'm going to take a nap and study my life away got millions of AP exams and Sat's next month uhhh


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