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month 2 - day 31



So I got my prescription filled, my liver hasn't quit on me yet! woo hoo! I was afraid that my spring brake would be an issue but it wasn't so that is good. I haven't had a drink since then and I would like to keep it that way, but it is hard living on campus with six others who enjoy friday and saturday cocktails! Oh well, I just need to be strong. It will all be over soon, and soooo worth it!

my skin:

I have two huge guys that came up, one on my forehead and one on my chin. I picked the one on my chin <STUPID!> but it hurt so bad, it had its own heartbeat and I needed to get the stuff out to relieve the pressure-- pus flew out and hit the mirror! I do not know that is so satisfying and disgusting, but true. Even though i messed with it, he seems to be healing okay-- i have been putting neosporin on it at bedtime. Right next to it two more are growing -> I can feel them beneath the skin. One of them hurts bad, and is already kinda misshaping my face...

side effects:

chapped lips,

weird stuff:

I was turning down my bed a minute a ago, and noticed that on the underside of my duvet cover (comforter) there are all these grease spots from the aquaphor I lube my lips up with every night! I have a dark grey cover so it is super noticeable!!! I am not gonna be a happy camper if it doesn't wash out. I should have known better -- I use only white sheets cause I have bleached out sooo many sheet sets with using benzyl peroxide every night for most of my life. damn it.


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