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Day 11: Lazy Sunday



Today is rainy and cold which always seems to be the typical Sunday.

Day 11 here, and my face is noticeably worse than it was on my last entry. The zits/pimples are sprouting up in little groups. It's like there in families or something, and are they're just moving in. I haven't popped any of them and surprisingly I haven't even been touching them. The earlier whiteheads that i mentioned on day 7 are all dried up now and are just red marks, which is much better than a gross yellowish white zit, yuck. (and it's better than if i had popped them).

Acne wise, this is nothing im not used to, but is still ticks me off, cause it just kills my confidence. I respect anyone with acne that can still say hi and smile to you in the halls. (at school) kudos!

However my back from about day 2 or 3 has been changing constantly. small bumps, large bumps, zits, pimples, the works.. but luckily my shirt covers most of it, except the 3 or 4r zits on my neck :shhh: . And, oddly lots of small dry "acne stuff" has traveled down the back of my spine which is new..

Also, on my chin theres nothing noticeable, but there is a deep one that when i smile i can feel it stress :shhh: . I hope it recedes and doesn't become a pimple.

Physically, i know the accutane is there. I lift weights at school everyday and at the end of each set im just in pain, haha. I think ill focus more on core workouts(abs) instead of the powerlifts. If anything, ill keep lifting but if things become so bad (which they might) ill just lower my weights for my sets.

I have been drinking lots of water everyday and i pee alot. at school i drink 2-3 one liter nalgenes, i pee after every class. I also got some Vaseline chap stick which ive been using cause my lips are drying up.


In 6 months ill be clear!

(or pherhaps even less)

now then, enough procrastinating.



I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (for all skin types) on my face/back/chest when i shower at night and in the morning. It makes the dry skin flakes go away.

p.s.s. why cant i find myself writing this freely when doing homework.. somethings...


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