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Day 10



Day 10 finally, I feel like my break out is getting a little better and everything is calming a little. My face is not that dry, but when i wake up I have some flakes here and there nothing crazy. My lips are dry, but no more or less just like it was since it first became dry. My back is still stiff but I'm starting to think its because I have a cold/flu because whenever i'm sick, my body generally aches. What else, oh no bloody nose today :shhh:... and no other side effects .. my scalp is not that itchy and my body is not dry or itchy either.

Left side of my cheek, forehead, and right cheek is getting better but as we all know when it heals and scabs it looks actually worse :/ Getting some small little bumps on the sides of my chin but not a big deal.

In a nutshell:

-Neutral improvement, nothing worse and nothing better

-Side effects: Dry lips mostly nothing else really to be pointed out

-Emotionally still not very happy nor content


Oh I now started to take Milk Thistle for my liver, Vitamin E to help the skin regenerate faster, Vitamin C because I hear accutane suppresses your immune system and it helps absorb the pill better, and Mineral Calcium for my joints (in case of any joint pain), and Super EPA (it is like a superman of fish oil or omega 3's haha) this is to help with the absorption of accutane and is also good for skin regeneration i hear.... I don't want any body complications while I'm on this as you can see!

Happy Easter everyone!


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