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Hello, I've struggled with acne for 4 years. I am 16. Both of my parents had it, I've tried many things such as the acne.org regime, tretinoin, benzaclin, aczone, duac, differn, doxycycline, clindamycin.

I planned on going on acutane earlier in the year but all that scary paper work and warnings of depression scared my parents. If this next regime doesn't work, i plan to start acutane in august.

Last week i went to my dermatologist and recieved a prescription for birth control, spiro (only 25mg) and acanya. I started using the acanya right away- it made me break out like crazy and super dry:[ i definitely feel like it's bringing everything to the surface so i just got to tough it out for a few weeks or months:[

I just got my prescription for Spiro and BC today and started the spiro. I have a fairly irregular period so i have to wait a while to start the BC.

My skin is so dry, i don't really have a good moisturizer so i plan on using gel ziana perhaps everyother 2 days or something instead of acanya. I also use a c. booth witch hazel toner.

This blog is mostly just for me to keep track of what I'm doing, hopefully it will keep me on track because with most regimes i get discouraged and stop too early.

If anyone else is doing anything similar, could reccomend a moisturizer or any type of advice or encouragement it would be greatly appreciated! I plan on putting a picture up of my skin now to really keep track of my progress.


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