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*Day 8*



*DAY 8*


WASH - Skin under mouth still slightly dry in corners but again the new moisturiser is great for sorting it out. Wash with tea tree and witch hazel foaming wash morning and night - feels great still.

TREAT - Quinoderm 3 times a day.

MOISTURISE - Simple replenishing daily moisturiser during day and Boots vitamin e night cream before bed.


Slightly frustrating, last night I noticed a large inflamed spot coming up on my jaw right side, which by the time I went to bed was so swollen it looked like I had been punched! Whole face was massive on right side :shhh: But I didn't panic and squeeze like I used to, I iced it for half an hour with ice cube in a towel, then used a hot flannel on it for 15 minutes. Its a good way to reduce the swelling, and the added heat at the end helps to dissolve the blocked pore (obviously very deep in the skin).

I applied BP as normal but also applied a tea tree and witch hazel night gel - loads of it! Its great for swollen inflamed spots - the redness is reduced and the swelling goes down a lot over night.


OK I got a big spot. But I'm pretty sure that it's due to the regimen and is a sign that its working. I don't get ones like this normally and its gone down so fast. Pretty sure its a sign of an initial breakout, plus there's a couple of other tiny spots which have already dried under the BP.

Still happy with how its going and optimistic :shhh:



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