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1month down...



That little bit of positive thinking on Monday hasn't really helped ... It seems to be getting worse again. My whole face including the little usually clear patch under my cheekbone is covered in blackheads and little bumps. Cyst-wise there are a few on my jawline and neck but they do seem to clear up quicker than usual. Overall, still much worse than when i started ... sigh! :shhh:

My derm said 2months and come back if I'm not happy with how its working - so I figure i'll get to week 8/9 and then make another appointment... That's still a while yet so need to think positive about Differin (stop reading the bad reviews!) and do some of that positive visualisation of myself before bed hehe! :cry:

Differin: Flaky under lip but less irritated overall. Lots of blackheads and blocked pores - skin looks bumpy. Cysts from last week have left red marks and a few more have come up on neck and jawline. PS. It's time of the month so it's going to be a little worse than usual anyway.

AHA: Hmm after all the initial success I've had breakouts on chest and this week and it feels as it i have a lot of rough skin (little bumps) around the middle of my back. I think my back is still better than it is when its at it's worst though - chest is on a par with the norm. Its also driving me nuts at night as its sticky and maybe I'm not applying the right amount or applying it properly??? Research needed hehe!

Diet: OK but I have eaten some chocolate this week and some small amounts of cheese and milk. Need to cut them out again totally so I know it is not that affecting my results.

Exercise: 3 x Davina and 1 x yoga

Alcohol: 2 drinks including a v nice mojito - at last somewhere that can do good cocktails! :shhh:

Massages: 2 x foot massages. Think I should start doing full body though soon as that will probably help more with detoxing :shifty:

Clothes bought: 1 Armani halterneck dress for my friend's wedding in the Summer. I never usually wear halter necks because of the amount of skin on show so i better be clear by then....

Fingers and toes crossed!

PS: Starting on the zinc again as well as my probiotics and multivitamin.


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