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One week in...................



So I know I posted yesterday & don't have all that much new stuff to report but felt I should mark my 1st full week on Spiro with a blog entry :shhh:

SE's to date:

-Extreme tiredness in the late afternoon. Havne't been that affected in the am, but it was very difficult to get out of the bed this morning - took me 40 mins.

-Peeing a lot. Not too bothered by this. I tend to drink a lot of water anyhow so am used to going a lot!

-Boobs are swollen & sore. Feel very full & tender just like they do prior to a period & again I really only notice this in the evening. Not too thrilled with this SE - I have a small frame & I am pretty athletic so feel that bigger boobs don't fit who I am! Oh well!

-Little bit of cramping/muscle spasm in calves. I run a lot & my calves are always tight so kind of used to sensations there.

Hows my skin?

So I wouldn't expect Spiro to work all that quickly, given what I have read on the message boards its sounds like most people's didn't kick in until a few months in. My derm is giving it 2 months to work before he puts me on Accuntane.

But suprisingly my skin is not too awful this week, for the first week in 3-4 months. I mean by normal skin standards, its terrible but for me its not too bad. By that I mean no monster breakouts (I have been breaking out every day). I have no new spots on my jawline which is amazing.

So I don't want to jinx myself by saying its working after such a short time (& yes a huge IB is probably on the way I know) but my skin this week has been better than what it has been in months.

Remaining cautious but very optimistic!


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