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doctor appointment



I saw the opthamologist. He said honestly, he's never had anyone come in with the same issue, if it were a side effect of the medication he would think it would affect both eyes, not just one but I guess anything can happen. He wants to see me again toward the end of the isotretinoin regimen. But he gave me the ok, all the tests they did showed normal. So I filled my prescription.

Due to an impending beach vacation, I went and got a spray tan to avoid being freakishly white in a bikini, since I cannot handle UV exposure due to Amnesteem. It turned out decently, not orange or anything, but the weird excema stuff on my hands and arms made it stick weird on those spots. So now I just look like I have a lot of freckles lol.

But I guess I'm going to have to load up on the SPF down there. I walked outside for like 15 minutes and got slightly burnt.


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