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its been a week

rocket baby doll


well i think a week and a day but still

ok so im on dans regimen and things are going ok

ive developed a few tiny whiteheads but they are easy to get rid of i guess thats just my skin purging and whatnot

im really hoping that in the end this will be worth it

at first i used a bit too much bp and was also using it twice a day so it got super flaky so that was a mistake but ive been using jojoba oil for the flakiness and its working really well

im talso taking pictures for progress..if any haha

so if in 4 weeks it does its job then ill post pics but if not we all know what that means :shhh:

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I had the same issue my first week, I had gotten itty bitty whiteheads. They've cleared up though, and my skin looks better each day. So, I do think it's a purging of some sort.

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