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Week 2, day 2?



Boyfriend drew attention to starting date, he said I started earlier than a week ago. To be honest, I'm unsure. Maybe I have 1 or 2 more days added to the week. Will figure this out, somehow.

Products atm.

Purpose as my cleanser.

Neutrogena on the spot as my BP.

Dermasil lotion, in little amount. Gets rid of dry skin. And doesn't break me out.

Equate Complete in the day.

I ordered Dan's, but it hasn't arrived yet.


Fish oil pills.




Water, water, and more water.

Less dairy, more fruits and veggies.

Day Story.

Bugger on chin is getting flat, as other bugger on forehead, very red buggers, dry skin still, skin looking way better each day! Have a couple post-acne marks/discoloration.

For better or worse.


Can't speak of any skin negatives today, except that I need to go out to buy on the spot BP. It's so little :dance:. Can't wait for Dan's! Skin is getting less dry, two pimples have gone down. Ironically the one on my chin which I was worried about, is going down faster than the other one. Who would have thought? Dan was right, acne would go away faster. Dry lips are getting worse, the neutrogena balls up so terribly. I wake up and it's white peels, and I wait 10 minutes or more, for it to dry. Boyfriend said my skin is looking great, and I can actually believe it. Despite the dry skin, and post blemishes on forehead, jawline, and chin, my skin is a lot smoother. My cheeks are whitehead/bump free/clogged free for the first time in years. I mean it, the skin is flat. :shhh:.

I'm always most insecure about my forehead and chin. Mainly because of the drastic discoloration and acne. I've always broken out more there, than my cheeks. Especially cystic-ly. My cheeks have always just appeared bumpy, clogged and white, with blackheads. Around the corners of my nose, I'd get blackheads and whiteheads. It's like hot spot central, but I realize it can always be much worse.

Idea Time.

Still wishing I had tried the regimen earlier.



Emotional stress.

I was so stressed a week ago, etc. Because my cheeks were popping up with the smallest whiteheads last week, and than the two buggers arrived later on that week. And the red blotches were worse, my skin was dry and I was peeling, so I couldn't hide anything with cover up, I had a few papules, etc. That's not even everything I was upset about. But now since it's all going down, and I opened up my eyes to see the positives, I'm ecstatic. My bf has never complimented any regimen I've done, or supported it, and he loves that this one is working and that I'm happy again. And he doesn't lie.

I mean, my cheeks haven't been this smooth since we started dating in 08. Nor has my jaw line, or chin (minus flare up). The red marks took days to go down, and they were the whiteheads I was talking about. After they dried out, they left red dots all over my cheeks. But now within the past two days, you can barely notice them.

The routine does take a lot of patience, and I've had to be realistic and less upset. I'm making progress fairly quickly, and I should just be happy and thankful. I've been battling my acne for months and years now (on and off). Hopefully I'll gain more stability with this, in the next year.


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