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Week 1



Starting the Regimen, I no longer had angry acne like before. BUT I do still have stubborn pimples now and again, and my face has dark marks from previous spots. And I am a chronic pricker *sigh*

I started with a lot of BP my first day -- I figured that my skin was used to BP and every other product out there that it won't be a problem. Thank God, it was true.

I saw an immediate effect on raised bumps all over my face. They have settled down a bit after the first application. Skin stung a bit, especially around the sides of the nose, but otherwise, doable. Some scars have lightened during the week. I must say that my skin is responding beautifully.

The regimen did dry my skin some, but nothing too drastic and nothing I can't handle with make-up. Active pimples did not become full-blown ones. The 1 or 2 I had were due to my pricking. Wrong, I know, but I couldn't seem to help it.

I am happy with my progress. Make-up time is less--but I can't wait until I no longer need to hide anything.

Luck to all!


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