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Week Twelve: Day Eighty



Alright! My dark spots are fading to the point where I actually notice a difference now! I have about two prominent zits (one on each side of my face next to my eye) weird the placing is, they're almost symmetrical >.< But the rest of my breakouts are too small to tell except up close.

As for how my skin's reacting to the extra BP I'm using, it has been feeling rather tight but its improving. I think this will help because I believe the reason I was breaking out before was because my skin had grown used to the amount of BP I was using somehow.

Also I've come up with sort of a weird routine I've been doing the past couple days. Basically I do some sort of physical exercise in between each lip flexibility (trumpet) exercise. It leaves me breathless which makes the lip slurs lots harder XD But I'm hoping incoorperating both will help eliminate my tendency to over do it with the trumpet (you're supposed to rest as much as you play for endurance) and eliminate my tendency to overlook simple floor exercises. I've noticed that doing pushups made my core sore, doing planks made my arms sore, and doing tricep dips made my shoulders sore. Ugh. I hope I'm doing them right.

Anyways I've been thinking about switching to weekly updates instead of daily ones. I'm hoping this will sort of curb my computer appetite so I spend more time doing homework and cleaning than surfing the message boards. I feel proud to be considered a regular member but, . . . now that my skins clearing up completely soon I'll end this blog. But don't worry. I'll do a nice summary of each week or every other week and include all the progress pictures in one with the last entry.

Can't believe I'm already nearing the end of my third month here.


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