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4 months!!



I have been on Spironolactone for four months now, and this has honestly been one of the best decisions of my life.. I let acne affect me so negatively. It was one of the greatest stressors in my life, and determined the course of my entire day. If I was having a good acne day, I would perhaps do a few things, see people.. If I was having a bad acne day, I would sit in my room, drinking a ton of water and some ACV with a facial mask on, searching these boards for hours. Now, I am clear and about to go to the store without any makeup on my face and I feel like I look fine. Wow, what a change!! My face was full of acne before this... I'd have a minimum of 2 cysts on my face at a time, and on bad days, up to eight cysts! This doesn't include the numerous pimples and the clogged pores around my mouth and forehead.. this is all GONE. I was so skeptical that this medicine would work for me. I did not think it would, as I'm truly a pessimist sometimes. However, thankfully, it proved me wrong! Even things that previously broke me out, like PEANUT BUTTER (awful breakouts everytime I consumed it!) and coffee, those are fine to consume now.. I just feel good. Really good. Of course, I still get terrible headaches on this medicine if I do not consume enough water, but they go away once I fully hydrate myself. I still get tiny pimples sometimes that go away quickly, but I don't care.. I feel amazing. Spironolactone really changed my life. My on off boyfriend for the past year has continuously said he feels much more attracted to me lately and he can't put his finger on why, and that I'm looking better than ever. It's so nice to hear those things! :shhh:


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amazing im on spironolactone and birthcontrol and im barely at my 3rd month of medications im still breaking out its depressing but im hoping by month 4 ill be clear free ,

im so happy your skin is clear gives me alot of hope reading your post.

what was your spiro dosage?

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