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3rd dose down



Downed dose three last night. Not experiencing any severe symptoms yet. My skin look immaculate though!!!!!! pores are already drastically smaller, no blackheads!!! I was cleaning the bathroom at work yesterday and I couldn't stop looking at my face. I'd forgotten what it was like to have my makeup lay flat on my skin without accentuating all of the craters.

I was going through a mini breakout when I started, but within a couple of hours after my second dose everything pushed its way to the surface and out. I even had one little zit above my lip that popped and actually spewed crap out on its own! (so gross, but only someone who has been dealing with acne as long as i have will understand the joy that brought me).

so far i have not gotten the dreaded initial breakout. by the end of the day, this stuff has pushed out so much grease in my face that my skin feels swathed in oil. But no pimples come of it somehow. Granted, I am only taking 40mg and I'm sure the breakout will be here in a couple of days. I am still using tea tree oil daily (against doctors orders :shhh:), which is probably helping to keep everything disinfected. I wasn't on any perscribed acne regimen before I started accutane however, and I wonder if suddenly stoppinng that routine when starting accutane is the reason why a lot of people get the initial breakout... ?? I guess we shall see.

Had my first stint with dryness last night- my eyes were killing me this morning when i woke up: so dry and itchy. It felt kind of like having allergies. My lungs also feel really dry and I keep coughing this morning. Really not too bad though all in all.

The worst side effect I've seen thus far is the muscle soreness. Having a lot of residual cramping after running and weight lifting. A hot bath with some epsom salts takes that away though.

The one thing I'm kind of irritated with is my inability to drink while on accutane. I will probably drop a little water weight with this break from beer, but I just turned 21 a little over a month ago and it sucks to go back to going to bars to see some music and not being able to buy myself a pint of magic hat no. 9. My mom and I went to happy hour at this restaurant the day after my first dose and I had a pint there. That one pint definitely broke my seal and I was peeing like a race horse all night. Since that has never happened to me after one pint of beer, I'm guessing it has something to do with the diuretic effect of the accutane.

Anyway, good luck to everyone and I'll update in a couple more days. Please feel free to ask questions or give advice. Peace


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