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1 moth on accutane

Zach Griffith


1 month

I haven't been on here in a while, just been sooooo frustrated... Been staying at home because i don't wanna be seen :/ I'm actually starting to clear up, but this month has been pretty horrible, my initial breakout was pretty shitty and i guess the only way to go from there is up (hopefully). I have these two cysts on my chin that are almost squishy, yeah i know sounds gross but that's the only way to describe it. The cysts that were on the jaw line have all cleared up pretty much, just have red spots left to heal. i have a few whiteheads here and there but the closed comedones that i have around my mouth and chin seem to be disappearing so that's a plus. I'm really struggling with my confidence right now, because I've never had it before because of my face and even though my skin is improving i guess i just want it to be perfect, instantly since I'm my worst critic. My mom seems to think that my face is 10 times better but i beg to differ on many occasions many times a day. All my friends are inviting me to party's and to hang out but i always decline, it kills me inside not being able to enjoy life because of my appearance. Hopefully within' this second moth i will continue to see healing and hope the worst is over. Whoever said there's a calm before the storm... Is full of shit


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