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Week 2, day 1.



Finished week 1 yesterday, decided to state week two, everyday (I'd forget at the end of weeks most likely).

Products atm.

Purpose as my cleanser.

Neutrogena on the spot as my BP.

Dermasil lotion, in little amount. Gets rid of dry skin. And doesn't break me out.

I ordered Dan's, but it hasn't arrived yet.


Fish oil pills.




Water, water, and more water.

Less dairy, more fruits and veggies.

Day Story.

Reduced papule, dry skin but not as bad, less redness, dry lips and under eye area.

For better or worse.

Woke up to find out zit on chin was not cystic, but a massive flare up from a papule. No head still, but definitely not cystic. Prior to going to bed, took clean cotton swab with tea tree oil and applied it to supposed cystic pimple. I read on here by another blog, that it would reduce swelling. Can't say I get papules too often, I'm more along the line of blackheads, some whiteheads on occasion, cysts fairly often (1 or 2), and clogged pores. But nonetheless, tea tree oil reduced swelling of pimple. Skin is still smooth, but pigmentation from past always bothers me (left chin has some, cheeks has some, and left forehead is bad). Especially a discoloration on the left side of my forehead, from a old cystic pimple. That has yet to even completely vanish, smoothly. Skin is still exceptionally flat along cheeks, jaw line, nose corners, and chin. Less clogged pores, and blackheads have gone down. Forehead is taking longer, because I had more visible acne there. Dry, and some what red blotches lay on forehead. Under eye skin is getting dry, although I don't apply BP there. Applied eye cream last night, and slightly less dry now. Using a lot more lip balm as well (I think the bp gets on my lips while I'm sleeping, because it balls up slightly). Less make-up is playing a part too, even though it's almay.

Over all, haven't found any negatives yet with the regimen. It's truly working, slowly. :shhh:

Idea Time.

Still on the fence about seeing a dermatologist, went online to find a new one that is covered by my insurance. In the end, most likely will for precaution reasons.

Can't believe I didn't try this regimen earlier, possibly would have saved me months of anguish.


Discoloration will never fade, because I feel like I'm always playing catch up. One goes, a whole group goes, and another one comes. BIG TIME.

Emotional stress.

A little less today, now that zit on chin and forehead are going down slowly. Was told by mother that I should just let my skin heal naturally :shhh: , does she not know what acne is? I've tried the whole natural approach, no acne medications and etc, it was a disaster. Even though my skin is bad now, it would never be as bad as when I tried that last summer (tons of blackheads & whiteheads, and four cystic zits on forehead, luckily I never picked but wore a hat for two months to cover swelling). Bf has said the same, but neither of them has had acne. Once and awhile they might get a little pimple, but rarely. Both are lucky. Thankfully, my brother understands because he suffered with acne around my age.


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